Orange Juice with Vitamin C

Orange juice is perhaps the most known type of juice that individuals drink with their breakfast or at any time of the day. We usually consume this beverage because we are told it is healthy but rarely look more deeply into it. What is it that makes this type of juice such a healthy and special drink? Read on and find out the answer to this question as well as what are all the benefits that you can get from drinking this natural beverage.

As we all know, orange juice is made from oranges. The healthiest type of orange juice is the fresh one, although we can nowadays buy orange juice frozen or in canes or from concentrates. It is important to make the difference between the concentrated orange drink and fresh orange drink and more importantly to be aware of the fact that commercially orange beverage can mean both the fresh juice and the concentrated one. In many countries, the concentrated juice must contain a regulated amount of fruit but it is always best to drink a juice made of fresh fruits.

The well known orange beverage is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the most needed vitamin that we all start considering when we are feeling like we are getting a cold. But vitamin C is not the only benefit that orange juice has to offer. This beverage is also extremely rich in potassium, Phosphorus G, folic acid, vitamin B6 and thiamine. These are vitamins that ensure the body’s proper functioning over a day. An important aspect about vitamin C is that it hastens the absorption of iron, which is counted as an extra benefit from drinking this beverage.

According to some studies, this type of juice is more nutrient dense than juices made from fruits such as apple, grape and prune. It is important to point out that if consumed on an empty stomach, this juice can upset the stomach due to its high concentration of acids. Therefore, it is best to drink it after eating or during a meal.

Nowadays we have so many drugs that can treat all the conditions that we suffer of. And because of the great technological and chemical development we are often tempted to overlook the benefits that a simple beverage such as a fresh orange juice can bring to our health. More and more people should know that this extremely beneficial drink can do us much better than any other drug containing vitamin C. The great benefit of this amazing drink is that it is extremely accessible as oranges can be found at any supermarket or fruit market. Orange juice is healthy, natural and does not come with filling ingredients which in most cases affect and negatively impact our bodies.

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